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Tuesday, November 21, 2017
LAUNCH Creader CRP123 Premium Diagnostic Code Reader

Comparation with prior version CRP123

1.Bigger screen, superior views of graphs and more, upgraded from three.5?? to four??

2.Bigger memory, more rapidly, greater, upgraded from 1GB to 8GB
3.Upgraded hardware, add deal with, larger buttons, enhanced irreconcilability, considerably less difficult to operation.

4.Add a lot more vehicle models as followings: Mahindra Maruti,Suzuki,Tata,Fiat(Brazil),Porsche,SAAB,HOLDEN

Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian and Polski.

The Launch Code Reader Qualified Auto key Programmer CRP123 Premium Edition is known as a handheld diagnostic tool applied to detect and report the reason for automobile faults. It boasts state-of-the-art hardware and software program producing it among essentially the most precise diagnostic tool in currently?ˉs industry. All this as well as its compact design and complete colour screen, the CRP123 Premium from www.cnautotool.com is easy to work with and recognize whereas not becoming within the least bit cumbersome.

Works with all vehicles compliant with EOBD/OBDII (petrol cars from 2001 and diesels from 2004).

The CRP123 Premium amalgamates the ideal functions of code scanners and skilled mid-line scan tools. It opens up a complete world of diagnostics, that is additional improved by its enhanced data streams for ABS, SRS, Transmission and Engine; that is on the market across a wide selection of tends to make and models.

With all the operational capacity of a conventional ARS/SRS Code Reader the CRP123 Premium boasts an awesome deal more functionality for example reside data streams, coverage for Asian, European and American vehicles and the ability to scan transmissions.

Characteristics & BENEFITS

1.Reads & Clears codes on Engine,Transmission(A/T),ABS,Airbag(SRS) system
2.Support for all 10 test modes of OBDII
3.Auto module search
4.Enhanced OBDII Mode 6
5.Supports vehicles1996 & newer ( OBDII & CAN)
6.Retrieves generic P0,P2,P3 & U0 codes ,as well as manufacturer specific P1,P3 & U1 codes- both permanent & pending
7.Read & Clear Check Engine Lights
8.Turn off MIL & reset monitors
9.Displays DTC definitions right on the screen
10.View freeze frame information & I/M Readiness monitor status
11.Display reside PCM information stream & O2 Sensor test Information
12.Graph ,record ,& replay data in full color
13.3.five?? TFT color display
14.Code result in / solutions tips guide users to the root reason for trouble codes quicker ,saving diagnosis and repair time
15.Rerieves car information ( VIN,CIN and CVN)
16.Multilingual menua wiht DTC definitions in English,Spanish & French
17.Internet updateable & upgradeable
18 Print data via PC

Vehicle Coverage:
Asia Car Models:Suzuki, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, Infiniti, Lexus, Accura, Isuzu. JPISUZU, Mahindra, Maruti,Suzuki,Tata
USA Car Models:USA Ford, GM, Chrysler?Fiat(Brazil)
European Car Models:Mercedes Benz, BMW, VW, Opel, Volvo, Fiat, Landrover, Seat, Skoda, Audi, Porsche, Saab, Jaguar.SMART(SMART) SPRINTER,Porsche,SAAB

The CRP123 Premium can be a convenient and handy tool that makes collecting and reading diagnostic information simple and easy and most importantly, accessible.

BMW ICOM Next A+B+C and ICOM A2 are two well-liked Diagnostic and Programming Tool for BMW,MINI,Rolls-Royce BMW-Models.Then Purchase BMW ICOM Subsequent or acquire BMW ICOM A,which a single improved ? Currently, BUYOBDII.com weblog will share a comparison amongst BMW ICOM Next and BMW ICOM A2 +B+C to help buyers better choose up suitable tools.

About BMW ICOM Next 

2017 BMW ICOM Next is definitely the most current generation diagnostic head for MW,MINI,Rolls-Royce BMW-Model,which also was the updated version of ICOM A2,inherited all options of Car Diagnostic Tools BMW ICOM A2,but at the similar time,also made some adjustments and added new functions,see striking functions beneath

1. Gbit workshop LAN,backwards compatible
2. Preparation for Gbit LAN on automobile OBD(vehicles don't however supportthis and interface not yet defined,ICOM Subsequent hardware adaptation shall be essential for future Gbit car interface,will lead to adaptation fees)
3. More rapidly start-up times and high throughput
4. Through high-performance,low-power ARM SoC
5. Enhanced handling
6. More versatile OBD cable
7. Lighted button for logs and so forth

About New BMW ICOM A2

BMW ICOM A2 Supports BMW and MINI cars from old to latest 2015 and presently,BMW ICOM A2 from Autonumen.com is the greatest BMW ICOM.

BMW ICOM Subsequent vs BMW ICOM A2

Exactly the same

1.For BMW Models.
2.Multi-Languages Supported.
3.function with similar application ISTA-D ISTA-P for the same BMW Autos.
4.good performance and budget friendly cost.

The Different

1. Distinct Outlook Design

As we've observed above, the ICOM Next with new appear,it really is with black and white color.

2.Hardware and function : These two BMW tools shared similar application,however,various firmware adaption. BMW ICOM Subsequent A with greater PCB board.

3.BMW ICOM Subsequent A +B + C is definitely the enhanced version of BMW ICOM A2,Functionally compatible to ICOM A2,but with a lot more steady through programming and more quickly start-up instances and high throughput.

4.Connection methods : BMW ICOM Next Diagnostic interface cant assistance wireless,it is actually only USB connection way,even though the ICOM A2 supports wifi,the package includes a wifi adapter.

5. ICOM A2 With HDD,but,the BMW ICOM Next didnt include. So, for BMW ICOM Customers,you'll want to set up computer software separatly.

So,for anyone who is hunting for any BMW ICOM with WIFI connection and HDD with installed software program,then invest in BMW ICOM A2 is going to be your selection, it's one of the best ICOM with WIFI function. Otherwise,i will propose you purchase BMW ICOM Next, after all,it's the newest geneartion with all functions of ICOM A2,but,in the similar time,it created some improvments and can give you a superior experience and also the price tag is low-priced reasonably priced as well.

Renault crucial programming manual (utilizing Lonsdor K518ISE)

Goal: System new keys to Renault cars (when all keys are lost)

You'll need:

tools to disassemble the anti-theft/immo box

VVDI-Prog to read EEPROM data

Lonsdor K518ISE to program keys

One of the most Important NOTE:

1you can straight plan a new essential to pre-2010 Koleos;

For post-2011 Renault models, you may need disassemble the anti-theft box to first read the backup EEPROM information, then program keys (when all keys are lost)

2?Anti-theft system 2″typically only for Koleos.

if it fails, visit ?anti-theft program 1″for vehicles just before the 2010 year (password advice:first select Group 4)

?Anti-theft program 1″: for other Renault models

Incorrect password:

When the password is wrong, please turn around the ignition and wait for 1 minute or so to attempt one other group of password once more. The error message is ?login failed” or ?program doesn't assistance login operation”.

3 Megane password advice:initially select Group 2;

four Load.bin file into Auto key Programmer Lonsdor K518ISE:

use the USB cable to connect the K518ISEand the laptop or computer, discover out and open internal memory with the K518ISE device , place the.bin file inside the the folder ?customfile” .

NOTE: .the bin file suffix ?bin” must be lowercase;

the file straight into the folder (Usually do not create a new folder)

The right way to do:

Portion 1: match the smart card

1 press the start button, open the driver door;

2 the program tries to obtain the password

if the model could be study out, please select the password. If the car password can not be recognized, please read EEPROMdata and place it into Lonsdor K518ISE. Then do as follows:

together with the USB cable to connect Lonsdor K518ISE programmer to the personal computer, the laptop will display K518 host internal storage;

② copy the .bin (lowercase) file of CPU information to the Lonsdor K518ISEhost’s customfile directory;

③ return to the smart card match operation, select the import file for secret study.

three insert the intelligent important have to match . the initial essential match is completed; please follow the pop-up to continue to match a different keys;

four remove the intelligent key in case you usually do not continue to match keys

Renault key programming is total.

In detail… appear right here:

Lonsdor K518 Program on www.autonumen.com Renault Koleos 2011 Smart Crucial

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer is made by Lonsdor business which created Chinese version K518, CI600 Plus (SKP1000) and CI300. K518ISE has some surprises and new car coverage, such as a number of volvos, cars Toyota/Lexus smart key all crucial lost by means of OBD, newer Renault, Maserati, Ferrari and quite a few other tends to make.

Key Function of Car Diagnostic Tools Lonsdor K518ISE:

Immobilization Key Programming
Odometer adjustment/mileage correction
Built-in-in Volkswagen 4th & 5th adapter

Free BMW FEM key programming
Built-in Chip & remote detection module.

Lonsdor K518 Key Features:

The best car diagnostic tool based on Android

WIFI networking ensures software upgrading more convenient.

No need to plug memory card, or connect the computer with data cable, more flexible in online upgrading, updating and activating.

With USB-B2.0 standard connector, OBD-II test cable integrated with the diagnostic connector function of the adapter.

7 inches high brightness, high definition color IPS capacitive screen

3800mAh polymer battery

Support external memory expansion, better within 32G

Update Online: Official website www.autonumen.com

Lonsdor K518ISE Key programmer Special Features:

Volvo (S40, S60, S80, XC60, XC90, C30, C70, V40, V60, V70) essential programming.
Toyota/Lexus: wise essential all essential lost ¨C by means of OBD ( without dismantle)
BMW CAS3/CAS3+/CAS3++: direct OBD programming
BMW CAS4/CAS4+: dismantle & read data programming
2016 -New Maserati: intelligent important programming
2016 -New Ford: sensible crucial programming
Hyundai / Kia 46/47/8A intelligent key: PIN code reading by means of OBD, all key lost included.
Renault ( Megane, Koleos, Scenic) without PIN code crucial programming
VAG group 4th & 5th immobilizer system
Ferrari (458, F12, F149): direct OBD programming
Peugeot /Citroen: two ways to read PIN code & programming, all keys lost included.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017
CRP 123 Launch pc code code reader consist of sturdy function

Are you able to don neglect once someone ordered the Vehicle Diagnostic Tools? When i decide on our very first automobile diagnostic device, My spouse and i particularly mix them up with along with be troubled. Because We have been the newcomer, My spouse and i ordered our very first automobile zero extended time prior to that can. I believe a big number of persons additionally have equivalent knowledge. For that reason I am going to create about numerous notices about the way to select initial automobile diagnostic tool. I'm hoping can help these buddy to whom just merely ready to enter the Crash Tips on how to MAKE Very simple globe.

Launch CRP 123 like a brand-new solutions and options on marketplace, that merely 139USD. Its reddish colouring. Update by merely business web-site no price update distinct date twelve months.
Auto Scanner Tools CRP 123 Launch laptop or computer code code reader include robust function. Such as diagnostic traits. Which include reading by means of DTCS. Repaying DTCS in conjunction with reading by way of records revenues.

Launch CRP123 from www.cnautotool.com will be actually the ultimate inside energy in conjunction with affordability, enabling customers to undertake their specific perform quicker. Chart, Document, Replay records together with troubleshooter pc code recommendations assist prospects saving prognosis along with repair time period. Establish CRP 123 support assistance world OBD II. Its the most leading-edge in conjunction with multifunctional laptop or computer code readers energy by merely its exculsive engineering, are created intended for technicians to become capable to troubleshoot several applications intended for almost all the key automobile on the road these days.

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Monday, November 13, 2017
The solution to register Launch CRP123 and CRP129

Launch CRP 123 and CRP129 Registration Procedure :

1.Attend mycar.x431.com/pad/landingPageIndexProductCRP.action and click the Auto Scanner Tools  CRP123 or 129 after click update icon.(Figure1)

2.Download and install the CRP123 or CRP129 from www.cnautotool.com update tool and launch the program when installed.

3.You will end up prompted to kind in the serial#(upon the back of thetool)

(Figure 2)

4.Following your Serial is entered choose update and go in to the following details.

Click Submit(Figure 3)

(If you would like the Register Code visit the steps 5‐8)

(If you happen to possess Register Code go on to step 9)

5.The Register code will be found by connecting the supplied USB cord towards the

CRP12X and inserted into the computer system.

6.In the event the tool has powered up, spot curser for the Assistance icon and press the OK

button. Figure four)

7.Choose Tool Data press OK. (Figure 5)

8.This can be the Register Code quantity for inputting into step # 4(Figure6)(Return to step four and input the code so proceed)

9.Install the TF card on the tool within the supplied USB TF card adapter and insert into USB port of CPU.

10. Reopen the CRP update Suite and decide on the updates you'd like to preform or click choose all and click Download. (Figure 7)

11.As soon as all steps are total, reinsert the TF card ninto the tool and power the tool via USB in laptop or computer or through OBD2 port in vehicle. The tool will prompt one particular to upgrade, choose OK button on tool to proceed. (Figure eight)

12. The registration procedure has turn into comprehensive!

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The numerous in between Launch CRP129 Premium and LAUNCH CRP123 Premium OBD2 Code Reader

The Launch CRP123 Premium and CRP129 Premium would be the new resolution for automobile owners and services for express-diagnostics, using the maximum possibilities at reasonably low cost.

For models Auto Scanner Tools LAUNCH CRP 123 / 129 Premium device capabilities enables study and erase error codes with explanations, study the present data around the 4 basic systems with the automobile ¨C engine, transmission, ABS (ESP, DSC) , Airbag (SRS) , and for LAUNCH CRP129 Premium are supplied further options for programming and service intervals resetting, some standard adaptations for the main vital functions and capability of diagnostic from the method EPB (electronic parking brake) / SBC (Sensotronic brake control module).

Solution CRP129 Premium is especially helpful for small solutions, service reception points and body/repair solutions for express-diagnostics according to the needs for the level of diagnostics, and low-cost LAUNCH CRP123 Premium from www.cnautotool.com  is suitable even for private use of people who have a few of their very own automobiles. Little size equipment allows to take it very easily with you or express mechanic and make best around the road preliminary diagnosis. Simple and intuitive menu enables employing it to everyone, even a service mechanic or private individual.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2017
My MB Star C3 Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool

I think lots of people love their automotive deeply, As a Mercedes Star Diagnostic owner, people usually really careful to shield their lover vehicle, but within the actual life, it's hardly to prevent some difficulty in our lover car, we had to go to 4s shop to mend it, it is actually so high-priced and requires many time. So the Car Diagnostic Tools Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool is needed, a functional Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Tool will save our revenue and time, enhance the work efficiency.

All of us know there are numerous kinds of Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool, we just usually do not know which Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool is most effective, so, the best way to choose a best Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool to suit for the need? Which Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool have high rate of quantity and price? It can be really hard to choose a very best one particular.
Lately I have heard a brand new version 2013.05 MB Star C3 Pro from my pal, he told me that 2013.05 Mb Star C3 Pro is hot sale in EOBD2.net. He has got this Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool, so I searched the much more information about Mb Star C3 Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool from world wide web, I located that the MB star c3 could be the best qualified Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool recommended by numerous MB star c3 user, it can diagnostic Mercedes Benz truck and car or truck. This function of Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool is very suit for my requirements, so I've bought 1.

if you would like it, please visit www.autonumen.com

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Tuesday, November 07, 2017
How to DIY MB Star Diagnosis

This is a post I study around the forum and find that it get lots of superior comments, so I think there could be a lot more people need to have and post around the weblog for sharing.

I'd assist out a number of MB brothers using a couple star diagnostic tutorials?-

Note: this is DAS/XENTRY Application with MB Star Diagnostic Tools.

Zero cost download: www.autonumen.com

First, Lowering the auto.
Get for the 211 Section.

You can expect to get towards the main menu

Then visit Function performed by more than a single handle unit.

Then Chassis

Then Level adj

Then Suspension

And here is where individuals have difficulties, they just go to actuations and after that reduced it, It'll NOT Keep LOWERED this way, you must visit initial startup

Then Initial with manual settings

Then F2

Here you'll see a screen that shows the voltages which correspond towards the height from the automobile. they has to be inside the given ranges in the left hand column. make use of the + and �"C buttons to reduced the car or truck (In my screenshot I am inside the automobile using a friend within the back seat, so that is why it can be at three.27, it should really not exceed 3) Then hit F2

Enter in these inclination angles and if the automobile is inside the voltages supplied in the web page ahead of, the car or truck will accept the new lowered setting, if not it's going to reject it.

Now, how to activate the unlock and lock beep (honestly, one of many greatest mods to perform for those who have an older model e55)
Initial Manage units

Then Physique

Then rear SAM

Then Manage unit adaptations

Then national version of ATA function

At this screen you will see a pull down menu using a list of diverse regions on it. The only ones you have to worry about are USA with buzzer and Netherlands. If you decide USA, i will provide you with three brief swift beeps while you lock the auto and a single brief after you unlock it. Netherlands will provide you with 3 longer beeps when you lock the vehicle and 1 long if you unlock it. Personal preference on which a single you like. Then hit F3

Then F3(YES)

Hope this assists out a lot of people. I truly did not uncover a superb DIY for Star Diagnostics, so I believed I would enable out!

Published on Auto key Programmer mb star diagnosis

The old bluetooth cat et adatper iii has stopped production, and you may get the new WIFI CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Interface adapter to replace it, VOBDII.COM has WIFI CAT ET III Adapter Caterpillar ET3 New Arrival.

WIFI Caterpillar ET3 Adapter III 317-7485 CAT ET III Diagnostic

Car Diagnostic Tools CAT Communications Adapter III 317-7485 is the most current generation on the CAT Communication Adapter group, and replaces the CAT Comm Adapter II.This function is needed for some CAT ET (Electronic Technician) functions.

True 2015A Caterpillar ET3 Adapter III P/N 317-7485 Experienced Diagnostic Adapter for CAT from www.cnautotool.com with WIFI

This can be the only encouraged communication device for Auto Repair Software CAT, and the only datalink device which will permit you to properly communicate having a CAT engine on dual datalinks.

Software version: 2015A

2015A Caterpillar ET3 Adapter III Communication:

1. Enables communication in between service tools and engine controls employing numerous data hyperlinks which include J1939/11, DeviceNet (future release), CAT DataLink, and J1708 (ATA) vehicle networks;

2. Flash plan permits adapter firmware upgrades as further features grow to be available;

3. Uses J1939/11, high-speed information link (a part of ADEM III controls), substantially lowering flash times;

4. Automatically selects J1939/11 when flashing the engine (reduces the flash time approximately 80%, from 14 minutes to three minutes).

Should you be trying to find wireless diagnostic interface for cat engines, please you may pick this new WIFI CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Tool III adapter, and you will get 5% off discount should you order it now.